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Title: Disney B-day Ainsley
Description: An 8th Birthday party at the most magical place on earth
Director: Mom and Dad
Trailer Type: Hollywood
Shot On: iPhone 6, GoPro

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An awesome fun, short sizzle trailer. Great for when you don't have a lot of video but you still want to show your friends what an amazing time you had.

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Just like you see in movie theaters. All the best moments. The perfect story. And the right length to share.

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For longer events, or people who take lots of footage. This is the trailer that gives you more: more moments, more story and more of what makes your life priceless.



Looking for something more than the Extended Trailer? Or perhaps something completely unique? Then let our producers know what you have in mind and we will work with you to create something incredible.

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Jack Giarraputo

A prolific producer and 20-year movie industry veteran, Jack Giarraputo has produced movies at Disney, Paramount, Sony, Fox and Warner Bros. that have grossed over $3.5 billion in world wide box office. With his partner Adam Sandler, they had remarkably consistent success, with 14 different movies grossing over $100 million dollars. He loves traveling with his family and documenting it all on his phone!

Ryan Hegenberger

Ryan has been creating trailers for the major Hollywood studios for over 17 years. He started on such projects as Spiderman, Men in Black, and the ground breaking HBO series, The Sopranos. He went on to found an award winning trailer company, Big Picture Entertainment, that has created marketing campaigns for some of the most profitable films in Hollywood history. Ryan’s trailers have helped to generate over $15 billion in worldwide box office.

“THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I am in awe of how you guys are able to make such incredible trailers - it seriously looks like a box office hit!”

Greenwich Girl

“We were truly shocked at how they could put together such an awesome video with little to no direction from us. The Hollywood style narrator that helps to tell the story sounds exactly like they do in the real movie trailers”

MomCo / Jillian Darlington

“I'm blown away. Completely blown away. I'm sitting at my desk crying - that was AMAZING. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“This is awesome!!! Wow. Just watched it.
It's so moving and GREAT!!!!!! Loved it!”

Katie Lowes

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