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Title: Atlantis
Description: School’s out, sun’s out…let’s have some fun!
Director: Dad
Movie Type: Short Recap
Shot On: iPhone X

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Stock Footage Inclusion for Established Locations

Range of Video Lengths 60-90 Seconds

Hollywood Movie

Senior Personal Editor

Same Quality Post Production as Movie Studios

Custom Storyline Written by a Professional UrLife Producer After a High Touch Interview

Hollywood Style Narration

HD Drone Footage to Enhance Story

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Music Integration

Final Cut - Consumer Gets a Round of Revisions Resulting in Amazing Product Satisfaction

Jack Giarraputo

Ryan Hegenberger

Origin Story
As Consumers, the Founders Experienced a Pain Point

While shooting our Hollywood movies for Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Paramount we would roll the camera all day, for months. It was never a worry because we had a post production team in place to handle and organize all the footage.

But at home, when we spent all day filming our children, those people didn't exist. It was a giant problem. We were left with no good alterenatives. So, other than a social post, our iPhone footage would just pile up and we would never look at it again.

Over a few beers one night, we came up with an idea. Why don't we use the same team of people that work on our movies to work on our personal footage? Wouldn't that be amazing?!

And UrLife was born!

“We were truly shocked at how they could put together such an awesome video”


“I still cry when I watch it!!!!!”


“I'm blown away. Completely blown away.”


“Oh my God! On the floor this is amazing!!!!!!! Love it!!!”

Hank Stampfl

“We would never have been able to do it without you! Thank you!”

Adam & Steph

“Seriously Awesome!!!”


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